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Frequently Asked Questions

At Family Promise of Butler County, we spend every day talking with families who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness. We believe that sharing their stories is essential to spreading awareness about family homelessness in the United States. Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ's below.

  • We live in an affluent county. Do we really have homeless families here? How many?
    While Butler County is considered affluent in some areas, we still have pockets of poverty. Each year the local county school districts are tasked with counting school aged children who are considered homeless. At this time there are over 1,300 students who are classified as homeless and there are students from each district in the county. There are an additional estimated 350 children under the age of 5 who are also considered homeless. These numbers suggest that we have approximately 700 families in Butler County who are considered homeless.
  • I don't see homeless families. Where do homeless families stay?
    There are a number of places families with children will stay when they are homeless. Often the will stay with other family or friends and go from one home to another. They may also stay in a motel when they have any income, and/or live in their car.
  • What are the top reasons families become homeless in Butler County?
    The top three reasons contributing to familiy homelessness is lack of affordable housing, lack of a job that pays a living wage for a family, and lack of comprehensive public transportation.
  • How do homeless families find Family Promise of Butler County?
    Families are referred to FPBC by other social service agencies (i.e. Job and Family Services, Ohio Means Jobs, Children's Services, S.E.L.F.), through the school districts, social media, word of mouth, or self referral.
  • How does Family Promise of Butler County work?
    During the daytime hours, families stay at our day center located in downtown Hamilton. While at the day center parents are able to do laundry, use the showers, watch their young children, school aged children go to school, job and housing searches are conducted and case management services are provided. Some parents are already working and are able to use the day center as a place for an address to recieve mail and conduct business. Each evening we transport the families to local congregations where a meal is provided, activities and homework assistance is offered by volunteers, and overnight accommodations are provided so each family can stay together in an assigned room.
  • What is the average length of stay for a family?
    The average length of stay for a family at FPBC is 75 days. Each family establishes goals to work on while in the program, securing employment and permanent housing are two priorities.
  • How does FPBC support families who have completed the program and have moved into their own home?
    FPBC provides an aftercare program for 12 months for any family who has successfully graduated from the program.The aftercare program provides additional case management in the form of continued financial literacy, check-ins, special events (ie: back to school, Christmas program), referrals to other needed services.
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